We take pride in ensuring that all aspects of the relocations process are seamless. With a strong focus on housing the medical, construction and corporate industries, we follow a step-by-step process to ensure that we haven’t missed anything when scoping accommodation for our clients.

Step 1

Firstly, we will consult your needs. What are you specifically looking for? We will consider things like:

  • Location – Do you have a specific area preference or have flexibility to be a certain radius from the working site?

  • Type of Property – How many bedrooms/bathrooms are you looking for. Are you interested in individual residential properties or large blocks?

  • Budget – If you haven’t got an idea for budget yet and are still looking around, we can show you what properties are currently available and we can tailor this to your requirements. If you have a budget, are you basing it on per person, per night or just a flat nightly rate? We will help find the best option for you.

  • Length of term – How long do you need the accommodation for? Do you require exclusivity to the accommodation if you will be regularly returning to the area? We can tailor the contract length to your needs

  • Other Special Requirements – Do you require parking, wheelchair access, and housekeeping on a regular basis or anything else we should be aware of before scoping out your accommodation?

Step 2

Once we have all the information required, we would look into our own portfolio to see if we have property that matches your requirements.

If we do not have your desired accommodation in our portfolio, we will begin a new search via our large relocation network. Once the property has been finalised and all parties are happy with the choice, we will agree on a move-in date and exchange contracts – it’s as simple as that!

Step 3

Now that the property has been finalised, we will work hard to get it fully furnished and equipped to a high standard, ready for your clients to move-in. Once completed, we will advise how key exchange will happen on the day.

We will provide your clients with any important contact information for things like reporting maintenance, advice on transport links, housekeeping and everything else in between to ensure that you can focus on other important tasks and not have to chase miscellaneous queries from your clients about their accommodation – you can leave that job to us!

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