How do I check the price and availability of a property?2022-10-25T13:11:19+01:00

You can reach out to us via email on info@krrelocationsgroup.com or alternatively call us on 0800 001 6306 and a member of the team will let you know availabilities or build a tailored solution for your accommodation needs.

Can I reserve a property in advance?2022-10-25T13:12:20+01:00

We usually do not accept reservations on properties as they are on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, depending on the length of the project we may be able to authorise a holding deposit on the property which is non-refundable if you decide to cancel within 40 days of your arrival.

What does the booking process involve?2022-10-25T13:12:46+01:00

We require all clients to sign a contract (T&C’s), provide a form of ID, pay the first month’s rent upfront and also provide a refundable damage deposit. Our booking process is strict and we expect clients to comply with our regulations.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-11-05T15:38:44+00:00

We operate a 14 days cancellation policy. If you cancel before this period, you will receive 100% of your booking back. If you decide to cancel outside of the cancellation policy timeframe, then you will not be refunded for your booking.

What if you can’t help me with my accommodation requirements?2022-10-25T13:13:23+01:00

Not to worry, we have a large relocation network across the UK so if we can’t fulfil your accommodation requirement we will reach out to our partners to help instead; we will always keep you in the loop if this is the case.

When will my security deposit be returned?2022-11-05T15:38:18+00:00

All security deposits will be returned within 7 days of checkout subject to housekeeping review.

What is included in my accommodation?2022-11-05T15:37:56+00:00

All properties are fully furnished and the kitchen is fully equipped for a long-term stay whilst working away from home. All bills are inclusive: Gas, Electric, Water, Wi-Fi, TV Licence, Council Tax & Housekeeping. Linen, Towels are Consumables are also provided in the accommodation.

Are there any other extra fees I should be made aware of?2022-11-05T15:37:31+00:00

There are no hidden costs or fees when you book your accommodation with us. You will only be charged if you want extra housekeeping services or your deposit, subject to housekeeping review.

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